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The Moustache Parrot is an Asiatic that makes a fantastic handreared pet. They are generally a quiet and calm bird. Although quiet, the Moustache Parrot does still have a voice. So it is important to make sure a Moustache Parrot will fit well into your family.

Scientific Name: Psittacula Alexandri Fasciata
Place of Origin: Burma, India
Adult Size: Approx 120gms and 34cm
Young Colour: Hens and Cocks will both have black beaks and a green chest.
Adult Colour: Once matured, Cocks will have a red beak and Hens will keep their black beak. They will also develop a pink chest.

Training and Entertainment
When trained correctly, a Moustache Parrot will learn to talk and mimic sounds.
They also enjoy keeping themselves entertained with some chew toys. It is important to only give your Moustache Parrot appropriate toys that won’t be harmful. It is best to monitor the condition of your birds toy to ensure it is replaced when it becomes dangerous.

A Moustache Parrot should be fed a small parrot mix. It is very important that they are fed a range of fruit and vegetables as well.
Some fruit and vegetables appropriate for Moustache Parrots are; broccoli, chickery, endive, capsicum, oranges and apples.

Moustache Parrots like all birds can not eat avocado or stone fruit seeds as this can be fatal.