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The Eclectus Parrot is a playful and cheeky Parrot. They have large personalities both as handraised and parentraised. The Eclectus Parrot is one of the most affordable large Parrots in Australia. An Eclectus Parrot has quite a voice so owners need to be prepared for some noise.

Scientific Name: Eclectus Roratus Polychloros
Adult Size: Approximately 37cm
Colour: Hens are red and blue and Cocks are Green with a stunning peach colour beak.

Training and Entertainment
The Eclectus Parrot needs to be trained and to learn its boundaries at a young age. If they are not trained then they will take control and think they are in charge.
These Parrots can be trained to talk and do many tricks.
Feather plucking is common in birds who are not properly entertained and become bored. It is also common in breeding hens.

The Eclectus Parrot should be fed a large amount of fresh fruit and vegetables. This should be at least 50% of their diet. These Parrots should also be fed a large parrot mix and sprouted seed and bean mix.
Some fruit and vegetables appropriate for Eclectus are; chickery, endive, capsicum, oranges and apples.
Eclectus like all birds can not eat avacado or stone fruit seeds as this can be fatal.

Eclectus Parrots should be housed in a cage that allows you to give them plenty of toys to play with to ensure they do not become bored.